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Alzheimers & Dementia Care Services


When a person lives with memory loss, it makes them vulnerable. It affects every part of their life – from when they wake up in the morning until they get into bed at night. It can even continue after that – leaving them disoriented and afraid if they wake up after a bad dream. People living with Alzheimers or dementia continually deal with anxiety and often withdraw from the outside world, creating self-imposed isolation.

Memory loss can diminish a person’s senses – changing the tastes and aromas they used to enjoy. Even what a person sees gets interpreted differently in the brain. Tasks that a person living with dementia or Alzheimer’s used to do easily every day now become insurmountable challenges. Our memory care experts continually find ways to help our clients to climb those mountains and provide the quality of life that they have become accustomed to and deserve.

Ally's trained caregivers are there to help maintain your loved one’s dignity and independence. We feel it’s essential to find ways to ease the emotional frustrations that come with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia-related disorders. These difficulties don’t just affect the person living with the condition, but also the entire family. Trained caregivers bring families closer together so they all can support the person living with dementia.

Because every client's situation is unique, our memory-care program treats them uniquely. Our care professionals customize individual memory care plans for every client as they are familiar with the complexity memory impairments can create in a home.

To schedule a no obligation consultation, call us today at 855-333-2559. You may also schedule a call back by clicking the button below and one of our care administrators will contact you at the time you select.

“I would highly recommend Ally Home Care to anyone and I truly appreciate all of your services! I also have to praise them for all for their hard work and devotion to their patients. It's a very difficult job and these wonderful ladies work very hard, commute from far distances and are very determined. They also bring laughter and joy in places where it's very difficult and stressful. Not many can do this and I truly thank them and I know Michael and Lucia agree the same!”

- Audrey S.

Santa Clara, CA

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