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Care Facility Sitters


Facility sitters are becoming increasingly more popular as they are being recognized as a legitimate and even necessary element of a well-supported hospital or care facility stay. As patient advocates and caregivers, facility sitters can make a significant impact on a patients' safety and security by providing a watchful eye, curbing dangerous behaviors, and alerting nursing or medical staff at the first sign of a problem.

One of the most critical places to have a caregiver with you is during a hospital stay. Many people find this surprising as you would think that having nurses, doctors and medical staff so close by would make hospitals one of the safest places to be. Sadly, this isn't the case. With only one or two busy nurses working 12-hour shifts and handling many patients with critical needs, it can be a long wait between the time you push a call button and the time anyone comes to check on you. Additionally, it only takes an instant for a dangerous fall to occur. Ten percent of fatal falls for older adults occur in hospitals. Alzheimer's disease, or other types of dementia, along with disorientation and medication are the leading factors that contribute to falls in hospitals.

Our facility sitters are highly regarded as the best in the business as they undergo extensive training before ever caring for our clients. 

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You may also schedule a call back by clicking the button below and one of our care administrators will contact you at the time you select.

“I would highly recommend Ally Home Care to anyone and I truly appreciate all of your services! I also have to praise them for all for their hard work and devotion to their patients. It's a very difficult job and these wonderful ladies work very hard, commute from far distances and are very determined. They also bring laughter and joy in places where it's very difficult and stressful. Not many can do this and I truly thank them and I know Michael and Lucia agree the same!”

- Audrey S.

Santa Clara, CA

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