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Wheelchair, Ambulatory & Gurney


Ally provides non-emergency medical transportation with safe, secure and reliable transportation services from routine doctor appointments to patient transfer services. We provide non-emergency medical transportation as needed to and from a patient’s home, nursing home, assisted living facility, doctor’s office or hospital.


Our transport vehicles* are equipped with the very latest in safety fastening systems to ensure your loved one has the safest and most comfortable trip possible between destinations. Our highly-skilled team works with individuals, families and medical providers to provide the very latest in non-emergency medical transport services for individuals in our care.

  • Doctors’ Appointments

  • Physical Therapy

  • Outpatient

  • Adult Day Care Facilities

  • Optometrist Visits

  • Dental Appointments

  • Adult Living Facilities

  • Dialysis Treatment

Additional Mobility Services


In addition to non-emergency medical transportation services, Ally's mobility division also provides transportation services to the following:

  • Social Outings / Shopping

  • Airports

  • Church / Synagogue

  • Restaurants

  • Park Visits

Our Drivers are Certified in First Aid, CPR, AED and Defensive Driving - (PASS BASIC CERTIFIED).

*Equipped for regular to wide wheelchairs

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