Home Care Services

At Ally Home Care & Medical Staffing, care begins with the passion and dedication of our home care professionals by providing the right in-home care plan, including services for seniors with numerous conditions needing special care attention. 

Our team of dedicated professionals works with you in developing a plan that will best fit the needs of your loved one. 

Our personalized home care services are provided for many settings — care in the comfort of your home or a nearby assisted, independent living communities or elsewhere, we pride ourselves for providing the best senior care solutions.

Our hourly home care services provide clients with professional caregivers on an hourly or as-needed basis. By assisting clients with their daily activities, our clients receive the support they need while enjoying many of their regular activities all in a familiar and peaceful environment.

Ally's full-time live-in home care services allows your loved one to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings with an unparalleled level of one on one support. Personal care, housekeeping and companionship is a popular alternative to senior living facilities as your loved one retains control and independence.

Facility sitters are becoming increasingly more popular as they are being recognized as a legitimate and even necessary element of a well-supported hospital or care facility stay. As patient advocates and caregivers, facility sitters can make a significant impact on a patients' safety and security by providing a watchful eye, curbing dangerous behaviors, and alerting nursing or medical staff at the first sign of a problem.

Our senior companion care services are one of our most frequently requested services. Our trusted caregiver companions keep your loved one socially engaged at home, and also accompany them to visit friends, family, and other social events.

Our Facility to Home Transition care program is designed to promote a successful discharge and decrease the chance of readmission for the patient. Many patients have difficulties transitioning to their home environment when being discharged from hospital or facility care. Our team can work collaboratively with the discharging hospital to assure that the proper caregiver visits the patient in their home after the discharge process.

When a person lives with memory loss, it makes them vulnerable. It affects every part of their life – from when they wake up in the morning until they get into bed at night. It can even continue after that – leaving them disoriented and afraid if they wake up after a bad dream. People living with Alzheimers or dementia continually deal with anxiety and often withdraw from the outside world, creating self-imposed isolation.

When medical treatments can no longer cure a disease, our interdisciplinary team of end of life care professionals still can do a great deal to control pain, reduce anxiety and offer needed spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families. We introduce gradual, non-crisis transitions from curative care to hospice care. There is time to talk, to try treatments and therapies, and to ensure comfort and dignity.