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The decision to hire in home care for yourself or a loved one is a deeply personal decision. In my case, as a disabled educator,I needed someone who was willing to work with me according to my hours and my medical needs. Ally Home Care met and exceeded my expectations in EVERY way. Each one of my care providers is highly professional, hardworking, caring, honest and speak English, Tagalog and Cantonese.

Ally Home Care has become my 2nd family! Ally Home Care truly CARES about me and I would highly recommend Ally Home Care to anyone! I guarantee you will never find a better home care provider than Ally Home Care under the leadership of Thad Espiritu.

"My mom had a wonderful experience with Ally Home Care, I am so glad I chose them--kudos and keep up the good and kind service that you provide to your clients." – Carmen Martinez

In the frustrating world of eldercare I found Ally to be extremely efficient, thorough and compassionate. I called in the early afternoon and secured 24hour care for 8 pm that same day. I have never left a message or had call back issues because I always got a person when I called. The caregivers were professional, friendly and efficient. They interacted with my mom and she began to look forward to her "friends" visit which is a gift to an ailing lonely person. I highly recommend this company and these exceptional people. – Sheridan Tinker

Romel Singco of Ally Home Care was my care giver and he was excellent at this job. He was well trained for this job, and knew what to do at all times. – Jane Tremayne
Romel is from "Ally Home Care"

Ally Home Care Services

Patient is Michael Galano who resides with his wife Lucia Galano.

Michael and Lucia have been very happy with their care and services. Michael has had a series of health issues and is currently doing much better than expected, thankfully. We hope and pray that his health will continually get better with time and exercise.

Ally Home Care has been great in keeping in touch at those crucial moments when Michael had to be rushed to ER and stay in the hospital, they have been very patient and kind in waiting and understanding difficult situations, Ally has been great in last minute rescheduling when Michael has been discharged early and even when late, they've allowed delayed payments when times have been hectic to 'catch-up with life' (thank you), they have always been courteous and professional whenever I (Michael's daughter Valentina) have called them for any questions, requests or help.

Michael has been under the caregivers care of: Yolanda B., Maria T. and Leticia M since late December of 2013. Both Michael and Lucia are very happy with their services, care and companionship at home. They have been a great help for both at this very difficult and challenging time in their lefe. It's comforting to Lucia to know that there is someone there to assist at any given moment especially with Michael has required an emergency visit on quite a few occasions. The caregivers have all been 'on top' of it at that crucial point which is very much appreciated.

Michael's needs have been great and are improving, but the needs were and are: physical help in dressing and grooming (they are very good in selecting attire when he goes out so that he looks clean, trimmed and well dressed...thank you), assistance in medication, preparing and serving meals, maintaining a clean environment in Michael's bedroom and bathroom, making sure the essentials are ordered in advanced so that he doesn't have to go without, encouraging Michael to do his exercises and assist when he needs help,

encouraging Michael to drink more often even though he insists he's 'had enough to drink'-they get him to drink more to avoid dehydration (thank you), they are patient and understanding. They've also been a wonderful benefit to Lucia which has been a challenge for her to have an extra person in the for 24/7. It has been a very difficult and stressful time for Lucia but the caregivers have been kind, patient and helpful to her. They've been able to help her through this stressing time and created a friendship at the same time.

Yes, I would highly recommend Ally Home Care Services to anyone and I truly appreciate all your services!! I also have to praise them all for their hard work and devotion to their patients. It's a very difficult job and these three wonderfull ladies work very hard, commute from far distances and are very determined. They also bring laughter and joy in places where it's very difficult and stressful. Not many can do this and I truly thank them, and I know Michael and Lucia agree the same!!! – Valentina MM Galano - Vischer

It will be one year in July that we've had Ally Home Care for our Mom and more recently, our Dad as well. She had hip replacement surgery compounded with her dementia. It was a tough decision whether we place her in a nursing home or keep her at home. We felt she would be better in familiar surroundings. We started out with 12 hour care but as time went on we decided we needed 24 hour care for her.

Tad worked with us to find the perfect match who not only my sister and I were happy with but my mom and dad felt comfortable with as well. With Romel at their home the majority of the time and Yolanda to cover his days off, my parents quality of life has improved immensely. There have been some ups and downs with their health issues, but the caring and compassionate dedication provided by Romel and Yolanda is exceptional. I don't know how they do it! I sleep better at night knowing that they are in good hands! – Gail Gee

Welcome to

Ally Home Care

A Family Owned and Operated Home Care Agency…Caring for Your Loved Ones.

Thank you for choosing Ally Home Care. With us, your loved one is treated with respect as we patiently provide for their Home Care needs. We do this because we know what you are going through. We see the difficulties you go through every day. Before being caregivers, we are human beings first. Our compassion overrides our profession and because of this, we have taken it upon ourselves to help and assist you and your loved ones in your home care needs.

Ally Home Care has caring and reliable professional caregivers. Their goal is to ensure that they bring peace of mind to you and your family. The team of caregivers is managed directly by the owners of Ally Home Care and so they echo the same care values that the home care agency was built upon.

Family Values at Ally Home Care practiced by Managing-Owners and the Caregiving Team

  • Honesty – We are transparent about the health conditions of the client. We see to it that we communicate regularly with the family members and will set realistic goals for providing care or for recovery.
  • Patience – In everything we do, we are patient. We know that our clients are going through much harder battles. Because our experience predominantly comes from caring for our own families, we can sympathize with what our clients are going through.
  • Hope – There is so much to look forward to everyday. At Ally Home Care, our care professionals carry the optimism in them that will radiate to clients in every visit.

From a few hours to round the clock, Ally Home Care can visit in your assisted and independent living facilities, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, or even in your own home. Plus, we are servicing the whole bay area.

At affordable home care rates and flexible schedules, Ally Home Care can be your provider. Please call us at 408-930-8303.

We aim to give back. We aim to support. And we aim to help you and your family needs during the difficult times.